Appeal to the President of the United States of America

Sunnudagur 24. ágúst 2014 | Sveinn Rúnar Hauksson

delivered at a public meeting held outside the Embassy of the United ‎States of America in Reykjavík, July 31, 2014‎

This public meeting, called by the Iceland-Palestine Association, with ‎the participation of a large number of trade unions, political parties, ‎and peace and human rights movements, condemns the war crimes ‎committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip with direct military, financial and ‎political support from the United States.‎

The meeting appeals to the President of the United States Barack ‎Obama to call an immediate halt to the bloodshed and to demand that ‎the Israeli government act in complete conformance with international ‎law.‎

The meeting appeals to the government of the United States to cease ‎its continual exuse of veto in the UN Security Council, thus paving the ‎way for the Israel’s military and expansionist policies and preventing ‎the Security Council from putting an end to Israeli war crimes and ‎from providing the people of occupied Palestine with international ‎protection.‎

According to news released yesterday the United States authorities ‎ane sending the Isreali Armed Forces extra ammunition in their ‎actions against the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.  In this way  the ‎United States have been revealed as active participants in Israeli war ‎crimes. This ammunition is to be used in a war against defenseless ‎children who form the majority of Gaza’s inhabitants.‎

The meeting upholds the appeal of the Icelandic Prime Minister to ‎Netanyahu to immediately cease all military action and desist in this ‎bloodshed. The meeting also embraces the Foreign Minister’s demand ‎for an immediate and permanent solution, and a peaceful agreement ‎based on the 1967 borders. This would entail a cessation of Isreali ‎military occupation and Israel’s release of the occupied areas.‎

The meeting demands that the President of the United States ‎immediately withdraw all support for the aggressive military action of ‎the Israeli forces against the Palestinian Nation. ‎

Stop the bloodshed now! Lift the blockade immediately! International ‎protection for the Palestinians! Israel out of Palestine! Down with the ‎occupation! Free Palestine!

On behalf of this public meeting held on July 31, 2014,‎
Sveinn Rúnar Hauksson, president of the Iceland-Palestine ‎Association.‎